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Take part in a unique arithmetic competition. Challenge your friends and people around the world with Math Musical Chairs.

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Apps mockup
Apps mockup

Dafuq is this?

Metamorphose of a game concept.

Do you remember the game Musical Chairs? Dancing children are moving around chairs. There is one more child than chairs. Once the music stops, each child tries to sit down on an empty chair. The one who doesn't get a chair is out of the game. The game is repeated in several rounds, each time with one chair less. In the last round, two players and only one chair are left. The one who manages to sit on the last chair is the winner.

In Math Musical Chairs you solve math tasks in order to sit down on an empty chair. You have to be faster than your opponents, otherwise you are out of the game. Play now online against up to six players.

In Action

Sit down to reach the next round.
As soon as you have solved all math tasks, your avatar will sit down on an empty chair.
All math tasks that have to be solved are being shown consecutively on this blackboard.
Four possible solutions for the task above are being shown here. Choose the right one and click on it.

Awesome Math Topics

Different levels. Math tasks for beginners and professionals.

Elementary arithmetic

Addition, subtraction, multiplication & division

Advanced arithmetic

World of fractions

Number theory

Least common multiple & greatest common divisor

Math medley

Equations & exponentiations


Average, median & percentage calculations


All chapters togheter.

Perfect to improve your math skills

Select your game mode.

Participate in realtime online competitions.
Play against up to six friends or other online players around the world.
Show your math skills and distract your opponents with special abilities.

Race against time.
You can play in a single-player-mode too.

Compare your performance with your friends.

Apps mockup
Apps mockup

Demo video

Are you ready to get hold of the last chair?

Check out Pam playing a multiplayer game.


Click to enlarge.

Additional Features

There's more to it than that.

Choose your alter ego. From astronauts to pirates, pick the avatar of your preference.

Emoticon chat
All live is communication. Let your opponent know what you think of them.

Mysterious rewards
Collect items to unlock bonus material.

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